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Hello I'm Veronica

Color Correction Specialist


Veronica appreciates the freedom of this industry so she can express herself through her work, clothes and hair. She is introverted, but being a hairstylist helps her open up to people as you all get to know one another. Veronica takes her work seriously… sometimes too serious. She holds true to her virgo trait of perfectionism, and will pre-plan, over analyze and think of you long after you leave her chair.  She likes to ensure that every client gets the services they want and deserve.

Although Veronica can be shy at first, she is  a great listener and when she is comfortable, she will open up and enjoy good conversation. Her wish is for your experience is to be fun, relaxed and to leave absolutely loving your hair.  Veronica enjoys creating custom looks and making formulas come to life. She pays attention to details and never cuts corners which is why most of her color appointments can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Healthy hair is extremely important to her, so she will never do a service if she fears it will compromise the integrity of your hair.

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