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Hello I'm Billie

Grey Coverage/Haircutting Specialist

Billie’s love for hair started while she was in High school, where she took cosmetology because no stylist would ever tell her, her hair couldn’t do what the pictures looked like. They just did whatever was in style at the time and as a result, she left unhappy. This was the inspiration for what kind of stylist she would become.

Billie has a very friendly, out-going personality. She is proud of being a native Texan, a wife and  a mother of 2 grown boys. She loves… scrapbooking and crafts, and curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and binge watching the latest reality show. 

You will love Billie’s ability to listen and understand your complicated description of your new hairstyle; when she gives you that smile and nods her head, you know she gets you. Then you will get to sit back and watch which scissors she will pull out of her “ book of blades” to use on your hair to create your perfect hairstyle. Billie enjoys your company but not to the extent that she will want you to spend the whole day with her; she won’t leave you sitting around waiting.

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