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* Please Note: pricing will vary between stylist. All prices are "starting at" and will increase based on your stylist's experience level, your hair density, etc.  

Clipper Cut -Haircut done with clippers on more than half the head. Shampoo included 
Starting Price: $30+
Available with Jamie, Nyoka & Billie
Short Cut -Short hair refers to any haircut with little length.  Pixie, men's basic, ear length, wedge cut, short shag. In addition to a shampoo, your cut includes a quick dry.
Starting Price: $40+
Available with Billie, Nyoka, Sandra, Jamie & Veronica

Haircuts & More

Starting Price: $50+
Medium Cut -Medium length is from chin length to the top of the shoulders. Bobs, shags, layered bobs. In addition to a shampoo, your cut will include blowout.
Available with all stylist
Long Cut -Any length shoulder cap or longer. One length or layered. In addition to shampoo, your cut will include blowout.

Dry Bar Services

Available with all stylist
Starting Price: $50+

Blowouts include Shampoo and blown dry with round brush.

Starting Price: $35+
Starting Price: $45+
Starting Price: $50+
Available with Jamie, Nyoka, Yomaris & Kailee

Special Occasions

Starting Price: $75+

Special occasions/updo's 

Hair style for special occasion 



Makeup Application

Airbrushed application 

Starting Price: $75+
Available with Nyoka, Yomaris, & Veronica
Available with Yomaris only



Ultimate Hair & Scalp Treatment

In salon exclusive treatment

This deep penetrating treatment is an intense professional reparative plus preventative service that instantly reconstructs damaged hair, infuses anti-humectant properties ands seals split ends. It delivers long-lasting results for up to 10 shampoos.

Starting Price: $200+

Keratin Treatment

In salon exclusive treatment Last in the hair for up to 4 months. Service takes 2+ hours.

Our Keratin treatments are water-based spray-on formulas that work by infusing and coating hair strands with keratin. replacing the broken protein bonds and strengthening with keratin.

Lasio Keratin Treatments are zero processing and same day wash formulas. Our treatments soften and smooth the hair strands removing 100% of frizz while transforming damaged hair into manageable, shiny locks.

Starting Price: $45+
Available with all stylist
Available with Billie, Sandra, Jamie, & Yomaris

Permanent Waves

The process of creating curls and waves in your hair to enhance the body and volume in your style.

Starting Price: $125+
Available with Billie only
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