Blonde/Vivid Enthusiast


Growing up as a tomboy, Taylor never imagined she would be a hairstylist. She wanted to get down and dirty in the mud all day. During high school, a lot of her soccer teammates started asking her to braid their hair for games and practices. That sparked an interest in Taylor that made her want to look more into the hair industry. So after high school, she decided to go to Aveda Beauty School, and found out she loved everything about doing hair. 

Taylor was born in St. Croix, Virgin Islands and moved to Texas when she was five, and has been here ever since. She loves traveling - she has traveled to every state in the US except Alaska, and has been to all of the Islands. She loves the ocean, if that isn’t obvious already! Taylor will talk about music because she knows almost every single song that plays, especially 80s-90s music. When you are ever in her chair, you will also probably hear me talk about her mini weiner dog Wrangler, he is her baby! Taylor is a big animal lover and really enjoys having pets.

Taylor takes pride in doing hair her own way, kind of unique like her, but it works and turns out beautiful! Every detail counts, and you can count on her to notice every last one. She wants to uplift women to make them feel beautiful and powerful, as well as make them feel as comfortable as possible during their visits. If her clients have anything going on in their lives, they know they can talk to Taylor  because she is a great listener. She loves giving her clients a space where they can relax and be amongst friends!

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Taylor's Signature Services:

*All prices are "starting at"

Balayage/Toner/Fashion/Style                                   $245 +

Highlights/Toner/Haircut/Style                                $150 +


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