Lead Stylist / Lived in Hair Artist

Sarah has always wanted to be a hairstylist as far back as she can remember.  She loved playing beauty shop on her dolls or anyone who would let her. Sarah actually got into the industry because she wanted freedom for scheduling that worked for her and her family.  Hair is a way for her to express herself creatively and she loves when clients come in with that same mindset. Sarah is looking forward to all the things this industry has to offer her. 

On her downtime from the salon, Sarah likes to take a walk with her dog Brewster. Sarah and her husband are always cooking together trying out new recipes. Having grown up in Utah, she loves the outdoors and can’t wait to explore more of the outdoor adventures Texas has to offer. 

You are going to love that Sarah takes her time and never cut corners. She won’t do something that wouldn’t look good on you or that is not current, and you can always expect her to be honest with you. Sarah loves to try new techniques and latest trends. She is always practicing and keeping her education up to date, so that she can be prepared for anything that gets thrown at her.

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Lead Stylist

While Regina was in the Navy, she visited salons in many different places, and loved the whole atmosphere and dreamt about how awesome it would be to do this for a living. At 38 she finally took the leap,  and started beauty school after she had a really bad experience in a salon ( lets just say her sons bowl cut and her cut, looked about the same). At that point, Regina went and bought a hair razor and some very bright hair color and started cutting and coloring her own hair and a few friends as well. 

Regina believes we all have gifts and talents, and doing hair is hers. She thinks keeping up with current hair trends and education helps her be the best hairstylist she can be.  To be able to create beautiful hair for clients and see them smile is not only a privilege, it’s a blessing. She thinks it is great seeing people expressing themselves through their hair and not being put in a box. 

She is an animal freak; her baby, Geasha, a pit bull.  Regina could easily live on a ranch with rescued animals and be quite content. She loves plants, gardening and has been studying up on how to start a hydroponic garden so she can grow fresh veggies all year long. She is a desert storm vet and has an amazing son who is a gifted musician.

You will like that Regina is easy going, bubbly and a good listener.  She loves doing seasonal hair because if fashion changes with the seasons why not hair. She is not afraid to do something new for a client if they are ready for a change. Regina is obsessed with dimensional hair color, abstract hair cuts, and creative updo’s. 

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Master Stylist


Veronica appreciates the freedom of this industry so she can express herself through her work, clothes and hair. She is introverted, but being a hairstylist helps her open up to people as you all get to know one another. Veronica takes her work seriously… sometimes too serious. She holds true to her virgo trait of perfectionism, and will pre-plan, over analyze and think of you long after you leave her chair.  She likes to ensure that every client gets the services they want and deserve.

Veronica was born and raised in Northern NJ and moved to Houston in 2015. She has the unique high school football player mets a cheerleader, falls in love, and gets married story. They have 2 children,a girl and a boy as well as 2 poodles. Her husband works for United Airlines and they aspire to travel the world together. She loves photography, crafting and binge watching new series. 

Although Veronica can be shy at first, she is  a great listener and when she is comfortable, she will open up and enjoy good conversation. Her wish is for your experience is to be fun, relaxed and to leave absolutely loving your hair.  Veronica enjoys creating custom looks and making formulas come to life. She pays attention to details and never cut corners which is why most of her color appointments can take anywhere from 2 ½ to 4 hours. Healthy hair is extremely important to her, so she will never do a service if she fears it will compromise the integrity of your hair.

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Master Stylist/ Haircutting Specialist


Billie’s love for hair started while she was in High school, where she took cosmetology because no stylist would ever tell her, her hair couldn’t do what the pictures looked like. They just did whatever was in style at the time and as a result, she left unhappy. This was the inspiration for what kind of stylist she wanted to become.

Billie likes to make sure her clients and herself both understand what will be achieved in the appointment. She has very good listening skills and asks a lot of questions in her consultations. She enjoys attending education classes to learn new trends, and bringing these new techniques back to the salon to share with her clients.

Billie has a very friendly, out-going personality. She is proud of being a native Texan, a wife and a mother of 2 grown boys. In her spare time Billie loves to run. She has completed 28 marathons to date; you will always hear her talk about her next running adventure with her girls. She also loves… scrapbooking and crafts, and to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and read a romance novel.

You will love Billie’s ability to listen and understand your complicated description of your new hairstyle; when she gives you that smile and nods her head, you know she gets you. Then you will get to sit back and watch which scissors she will pull out of her “ book of blades” to use on your hair to create your perfect hairstyle. Billie enjoys your company but not to the extent that she will want you to spend the whole day with her; she won’t leave you sitting around waiting.

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